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A Discord Bot

FightRPG is a mmorpg (Everything is shared across servers) where you fight and progress by killing monsters. It’s basicaly a discord rpg. This bot is under developpement and everyone can participate by telling us what you think is good and what you think is not. If this have to happen those who participate could recieve some rewards. You can change the prefix by using the following command ::prefix

Currently integrated features :

  • Fight against Monsters and Players
  • Fight aginst bosses in dungeon with a group
  • Travel to differents areas
  • Drop differents items, sell or equip them
  • Level up your character to level 100
  • Create or join a guild
  • Sell or Buy items to players in marketplaces
  • Collect resources to craft powerful items (Craft system)
  • Conquer cities and areas with your guild to get interesting bonuses
  • Upgrade cities that you conquer to get access to services like crafting, market etc..
  • Travel system with paths and different time to travel
  • Achievment system
  • World Boss system